Facilitation - Supporting you to Deliver

As a trained and experienced facilitator I can help you achieve the results you are looking for either in workshops tailored to the groups needs or via facilitation within planned meetings.

The approach used is solutions focus, using the skills and experience of the team to generate clarity about the results needed, the resources available and commitment on positive actions. Examples of where this approach has proved particularly valuable include: -

Team development – working with current teams to enhance performance or support them through organisational change.

Project Start up and development – working with the project team to create the clarity and energy to get started or move forward with stuck projects.

Leadership team development – working with the top team on strategic direction, harnessing the different talent and styles in the team and moving the business forward.

Benefits of my approach

  • Cost and time effective
  • Positive and practical
  • Builds on what is already there
  • Generates confidence and motivation
  • Tailored to the unique context of the situation
  • Focus on what is wanted not the “problems” in the way
  • Energising and resourceful
  • Engages the whole team
  • Fun, creative and focussed

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