Change Management


Strategic HR Consultancy

Business change is a fact of life at every level within organisations today, from new products and improving services to complete restructuring or culture change. Whether it is driven by competition, economic pressure, the market, the environment, legislation or a new vision. Managing change effectively creates business success.

Change Solutions

As an experience HR professional I can help you develop successful, cost effective change strategies and HR solutions. My approach is to work in partnership with you, identifying what needs to be done and how to harness the experience, energy and resources of the organisation to generate sustainable change.

Benefits of My Approach to Change

  • Create sustainable change quickly, Via:
  • Creating clarity within the organisation of what is needed
  • Involving and engaging the right people
  • Tailoring the solution to the organisation
  • Harnessing the talent and resources within the organisation
  • Generating quick and achievable actions
  • A positive experience for those involved

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A Fresh Approach to Change Management


based on “The Albert Model” with the kind permission of Mark McKergow –


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